St. Raphael’s is a charitable organization created to build and operate a palliative care home and day center that will offer free, high-quality care in one of the most populated areas of Montreal.

A heritage to preserve.
A new history to write.

The origins of the project date back to 2008. After the closing of the Church of St. Raphael the Archangel on Lajoie Avenue in Montreal, the Archdiocese of Montreal agreed to transfer the use of this magnificent building and its land to the community, with the intent of enabling a unifying and humanitarian project that would benefit the entire community.

A committee composed of former parishioners and people from the business and health care sectors was formed to study and analyze the needs of the community. They found that what the area needs most is a palliative care home and day centre. That is how the St. Raphael’s project was born, in memory of Father Gerry, the last parish priest at St. Raphael’s, a generous and devoted man whose simple mission in life was to serve others, and who passed away from cancer in 2007.

Once in operation, the facility will extend a respectful and compassionate welcome to people from all walks of life, regardless of their social condition, ethnic origin, sexual orientation and gender identity or religious beliefs.

> Father Gerry’s story

Our vision

That everyone is able to have an end of life filled with humanity and dignity.

Our mission

To offer exceptional palliative care services in a warm and welcoming environment, free of charge, to people from all walks of life who are living with an incurable illness. To offer exceptional respite support and services to loved ones and caregivers. To be a centre of excellence and innovation that promotes training and collaboration with the healthcare and education sectors.

Our values


We share a profound desire to help others and give of ourselves to help improve the quality of life of all people in our community.


Our actions, interactions, and accomplishments are guided by a deep respect for others.
The care and services provided to patients and their loved ones and caregivers will respect their wishes and desires.


We firmly believe in the enjoyment of Life, wherever it is found, and we aim to create an environment conducive to countless moments of happiness, delight, and joy.


St. Raphael’s will welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of their social condition, ethnic origin, sexual orientation and gender identity or religious beliefs.


Rosemary O’Grady

Executive Director,
St. Raphael’s

Rosemary began her career 31 years ago as a staff nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital, where she worked in direct care with patients and families for ten years and then moved on to hold a variety of leadership positions, including as Assistant Nurse Manager, Nurse Educator, and acting Nurse Manager at the RVH Surgical 9 West and Cedars Breast Centre. In 2004, Rosemary moved to the Montreal General Hospital as Nurse Manager 18th Floor General Surgery, ENT, and Gynaecology.


But it was when she subsequently joined the MUHC Cancer Care Mission as Nurse Manager for the Oncology/Haematology and Palliative Care Inpatient Units that Rosemary discovered a love and passion for palliative care that has grown ever since. Between 2006 and 2016, Rosemary worked to develop the programs and services in Supportive and Palliative Care, and in 2015, she was instrumental in transitioning the team to the new Glen site. Most recently, Rosemary has been working as Executive Director at NOVA Montreal, a non-profit community organization delivering palliative home care and respite services to caregivers.

Rose De Angelis, N, MSc (A),

Home Clinical Care Coordinator,
St. Raphael’s

Karine Gimmig, B.Sc Nursing, CPSI, DESS

Centre Clinical Care Coordinator,
St. Raphael’s

Dr. Krista Lawlor, MD

Medical Director,
St. Raphael’s



Marie Michèle Del Balso

Senior Vice President,
Le Groupe Maurice

Marco Ottoni

Vice President, St. Raphael’s

Sergio G. Famularo, LL.B.

Famularo Fernandes Levinson,

Marc Jutras, CPA, CA

KPMG Entreprise

Louis Bernard, LL.L., Ph. D.

Officer of the Ordre national du Québec

Dr. Manuel Borod, MD, CM, B.Sc., MBA, MPH

Director, Division of Supportive
and Palliative Care Programs,
McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)
& Assistant Professor of Oncology,
McGill University

Domenic Chiovitti, Eng.

Founder and President,
Chiovitti Consultants

Paul de Lanauze, CPA, CA


Sylvain Girard

Human resources management consultant

Marie-Josée Privyk, CFA, RIPC, SASB FSA

ESG Advisor,
Fincomm Services

Andréanne Saucier, RN, M.Sc.

Former Director of Nursing, McGill University Health Center and Lecturer, School of Nursing, Université de Sherbrooke

St. Raphael’s is a charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Charity registration number:
81999 7693 RR0001

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St. Raphael’s is hiring! Work in an environment imbued with humanity while also contributing to a worthy cause.