A heritage to preserve.
A new history to write.

The origins of the project date back to 2008. After the closing of the Church of St. Raphael the Archangel on Lajoie Avenue in Montreal, the Archdiocese of Montreal agreed to transfer the use of this magnificent building and its land to the community, with the intent of enabling a unifying and humanitarian project that would benefit the entire community.

A committee composed of former parishioners and people from the business and health care sectors was formed to study and analyze the needs of the community. They found that what the area needed most was a palliative care home and day centre. That is how the St. Raphael’s project was born, in memory of Father Gerry, the last parish priest at St. Raphael’s, a generous and devoted man whose simple mission in life was to serve others, and who passed away from cancer in 2007.


Père Gerry

2009 Agreement with the Archdiocese of Montreal for site development.
Recognized as a charitable organization by the Canada Revenue Agency.
2010 Architectural plans drawn up.
Construction and operating cost studies completed.
2011 Site rezoned by the Borough of CDN-NDG with a focus on sustainable development and harmonious integration.
2012 Feasibility study conducted with potential major donors, yielding favourable results.
2012-2015 Bonds established with the community, hospitals and organizations offering palliative care, as well as the Montreal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre. Awareness raising events.
2015 Beginning of the major fundraising campaign.
2016 Contribution to annual operating costs confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services.
2017 Groundbreaking ceremony (fall).
2019 Opening.