St. Raphael’s is a grassroots charitable organization two-thirds of whose funding comes from private donations by companies and individuals who, like you, care about providing those living with an incurable illness with an end-of-life filled with compassion and dignity.

When the community takes charge

Palliative care is offered free of charge. Its cost is funded by both private donations and a public contribution in the form of grants and tax credits.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services not only increased its financial contribution for palliative care beds in Quebec in 2018, thus covering 33% of the annual costs of patient care, but also decided to help fund the operations of the very first palliative day centre on the Island of Montreal by making a grant of $500,000 for the first year of operations.

Although the provincial government contributes to the financing of St. Raphael’s, operation of St. Raphael’s as well as the quality and sustainability of the care and services offered are possible thanks to a significant contribution coming mainly from the community.

 to operating expenses - St Raphael's

We’ve achieved our goal because of you!

The origins of St. Raphael’s date back to 2008. Since the beginning, the project has been carried forward by the incredible mobilization and commitment of numerous collaborators and volunteers. Despite their substantial contribution, which helps to reduce labour costs, the construction and operation of St. Raphael’s for the first two years will require more than $12 million, of which $10 million will need to be financed by the community.
Consequently, a Major Fundraising Campaign Committee was formed in 2015 to support us in achieving our objectives. The committee’s efforts are bearing fruit, such that we have now surpassed 90% of our fundraising objective.

It is truly together that we are building
a future imbued with humanity.

More about our history

Our donors

To date, St. Raphael’s can count on the support of more than 900 donors. We thank them for believing in the importance of such a cause. Their generous contribution has enabled the realization of an ambitious and meaningful project for the community.

$1,000,000 and more
  • Archdiocese of Montreal
  • Estate of Father Gerald A. Sinel
  • Fondation Luc Maurice
  • Roasters Foundation
$500,000 to $999,999
  • Mirella & Lino Saputo Foundation
  • Montreal St. Patrick’s Foundation
$250,000 to $499,999
  • Congregation – anonymous gift
  • EBC inc.
  • Foundation – anonymous gift
  • Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation
  • The Molson Foundation
  • Rossy Family Foundation
$150,000 to $249,999
  • Desjardins
  • Foundation – Anonymous gift
  • France and André Desmarais
  • Future Electronics
  • Groupe Marchand
  • National Bank
  • Power Corporation
$100,000 to $149,999
  • Eric T. Webster Foundation
  • Family of Romaine Ardizzon
  • Harden Management
  • Marco and Cynthia Ottoni
  • Paula Pedicelli
  • Québécor Média
  • RBC Foundation
  • Vidéotron
$25,000 to $99,999
  • Anne-Marie & Mitch Garber Family Foundation
  • Birks Family Foundation
  • BMO Bank of Montreal
  • BBB Foundation
  • Daniel Brosseau
  • CDI Groupe Conseil
  • CIBC
  • CLA Experts-Conseils
  • CN
  • Élise Crépault
  • De Bellefeuille Design
  • Dupéré
  • Estate of Julienne Bégin Larose
  • GLT Expert-conseil
  • GMP Securities
  • Goodman Family Foundation
  • Lallemand inc.
  • Peter Letko
  • Letko, Brosseau et associés
  • Paladin Labs Inc.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Pedicelli
  • Québecor Média inc.
  • Toronto Dominion Bank
$5,000 to $24,999
  • Angelina Camperilli and Tony Loffreda
  • Dr. Joseph Ayoub
  • Beaupré & Associates
  • Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
  • Canadian Security Traders Association
  • Charitable Giving Program Net Scout Systems Inc.
  • Chiovitti Consultants
  • CIBC Community Investment
  • Construction Management Canda Inc.
  • Dankooz
  • Marie-Michèle Del Balso
  • Fiera Capital
  • Linda Frayne Pharmacist (Côte-des-Neiges) inc.
  • Dominique Glorieux
  • Gestion Richter Ltée.
  • GGI International
  • Groupe Petra
  • Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Guyda
  • Jean Lacroix & Dominique Lefebvre
  • Lise Jolicoeur
  • Lassonde Industries Inc.
  • Malouf Family Foundation
  • Dr. Thomas Maniatis
  • Martel & Martel
  • Metro Richelieu inc.
  • Michel Morin
  • Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation
  • Murray & Cie
  • Peartree Financial Services Ltd.
  • Richard Ness
  • Mr. & Mrs. Roland Rasquinha
  • RBC Foundation
  • Sergio Famularo
  • Simon Tremblay
  • Stephen and Lillian Vineberg Family Foundation
  • Solroc Group
  • Myles Wesetvik
  • Valeurs Mobilières Desjardins inc.
  • Zeller Family Foundation
  • 2973456 Canada Inc.
$1,000 to $4,999

1832 Asset Management L.P., 2854-8434 Québec inc., Action Calfeutrage inc., Alfred Dallaire MEMORIA, Anthony & Antonella Di Ioia, Atwill-Morin, Audrey Williams, B. Kaplan Construction Inc., Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barbara Tramley, BCA Structural Consulting Services Inc., Benoît Beauregard, BMO STAFF EXPENSE, BMO Capital Markets, Cameron Baker, Canadian Online Giving Foundation, Carroll Ann Carmody, Cercle des Ainés d’Outremont, CI Investments, Conrad Pelletier, Contractuelle Communicateurs-Conseils, Credit Suisse Securities (Canada) Inc., Daniel Assouline, Danielle Pagé, David Torralbo, Denise Benoit, Diane Cohen, DMA Architects, Domenic Chiovitti, Dr. & Ms. Henry & Helen Rainville-Olders, Dr. Dallal Abdallah, Dr. Douglas Graham, Ergogrip inc., Dr. François Primeau, Dr. Guy Joron, Dr. James Sullivan, Dr. Manuel Borod, Dr. Justine Farley, Dundee Securities Ltd., Eric Fafard, Famularo Fernandes Levinson Inc., Fauteux, Heide Kaspar, Bruno, Bussière, Leewarden, CPA, Fer Ornemental Jean-Guy Robert inc., First Asset Investment Management Inc., Francine Pichette, Francis Boisvert, Bernard Gascon, Gewurz Family Foundation, Gilles Chatel, Horizons ETFs, Imperco C.S.M. Inc., Inez Ebba, Italian Open Foundation, Jason Leb, JLS Medical Mediaplus Inc., Joel King, John Ciaccia, John Goldsmith, Joseph Khoubbieh, Judith Allard, Kane & Fetterly Inc., Kathleen Dunn, Kathy Assayag, Kendall Family Foundation, Kenneth MacKinnon, Kilbranish Holdings Inc., Le Groupe Quadriscan, Léopold Montréal Immobilier Inc., Logistec, Lorraine Boyce, Louis Bernard, Lucy Riddell, MacKinnon, Bennett & Company inc., Mackenzie Financial Corporation, Madeleine Vuillemot, Manulife Financial, Marc Jutras, Marc-André Davignon, Marie-Josée Privyk, Mary C. Carmody, Matrix Funds Management, Matthew McMullan, Michel Gimmig, Michel Morin, Michel Van Tieghem, Ministre des Finances, Ministre du Revenu, Morency Société d’Avocats, LLP, Morrie Cohen, Mr. & Mrs. Martin Charbonneau, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Adamcyk, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Newman, National Bank Financial, National Bank Investments, Norsu Inc., Oxford, Patricia Tramley, Patrick Gagnon, Patrick Willemot, Peter Kruyt, Philip Silverberg Enterprises Inc., Pierre Marcoux, Rachel Goldman, Rayjo Charitable Trust, Raymond James Ltd., Restaurants Subway Québec ltée., Rita Burns, Robert Kleinman, Rosemary MacDonald, Royal Trust, Sean Donovan, Sean K. D’Souza, Sean MacCaffrey, Sébastien Benoit, Sentry Investments, Sonia Calouche, Spazio, Stephen Griffin, Stéphane Simondi, Sulax Holdings Ltd., Thierry Bernard, Tomassini et Frères Ltd., Trudi E. Goldsmith, Trudi Kohlruss, Vitreco, Yolanda Choquette.

Gifts in memoriam
  • Romaine Ardizzon
  • Maria Soldera Borsoi
  • America Dominguez
  • Natalie Fafard
  • Francis Glorieux
  • William Peter Griffin
  • Carl Kohlruss
  • Marguerite Bouffard Leblanc
  • Evangelina Longinotti (Kapetanakis)
  • Dr Robert H. Marchessault
  • Michelle Pineau
  • Helen Rainville
  • Father Gerry Sinel

Our collaborators

Thanks to our collaborators who have greatly contributed to reaching our goal.

Major fundraising campaign Co-Chairs
Lillian Vineberg

Lillian Vineberg

Richard Renaud

Richard Renaud

Chairman and CEO, TNG Corporation
Carolyn Renaud

Carolyn Renaud

Luc Maurice

Luc Maurice

Founder and CEO, Le Groupe Maurice
Committee Co-Chairs
Lyne Roy Payette
Special Gifts Committee Chair

Lyne Roy Payette

Vice President, Commercial Mortgages, Desjardins
Monette Malewski
Major Gifts Committee Co-Chair

Monette Malewski

President M Bacal Group
Nicolas Mastandrea
Major Gifts Committee Co-Chair

Nicolas Mastandrea

Vice President, Murray & Company, Real Estate Advisors Inc.
Martin Thibodeau
Lead Gifts Committee Chair

Martin Thibodeau

President, Quebec Headquarters, RBC Royal Bank
Louis Roquet
Exceptional Gifts Committee Co-Chair

Louis Roquet

Chairman of the Board, Investissement Québec
Peter O’Brien
Exceptional Gifts Committee Co-Chair

Peter O’Brien

Lawyer and corporate director
Honorary Committee Members
Mr. John LeBoutillier

Mr. John LeBoutillier

Monreal businessman and corporate director
Dr. Joseph Ayoub

Dr. Joseph Ayoub

Hemato-oncologist, palliative care unit CHUM – Hôpital Notre-Dame and board member of St. Raphael’s
Dr. Armen Aprikian

Dr. Armen Aprikian

Urologist and Chief of the Cancer Care Mission MUHC
Dr. Gerald Batist

Dr. Gerald Batist

Chairman of the Department of Oncology McGill University
Dr. Guy Breton

Dr. Guy Breton

Rector Université de Montréal

Annual report

Learn about our activities. Consult our annual report.

Fundraising events

Upcoming events

Fireside chat “Choosing life … at the risk of losing it” for those with an incurable disease and their loved ones

October 16 — St. Raphael Palliative Care Home and Day Centre invites you to its first event. A fireside chat on the topic of “Choosing life … at the risk of losing it“, organized as part of PROJECTION week.

Read more in the news page

Past events

Humour Me gala: $1M raised for St. Raphael’s

May 22, 2019 — More than 800 people attended the Montreal edition of the Humour Me event, which was held on May 13 at the Place des Arts to benefit the St. Raphael Palliative Care Home and Day Centre…

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If you want to organize a fundraising event to benefit St. Raphael’s, click here.


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