The first palliative day centre of its kind in Montreal

Multidisciplinary team

Attentive to the specific needs of each individual, our team of professionals will accompany and support you throughout your experience at the Day Centre.

Achille Volpi

Julie Jobin
Massage therapist

Martine Ashby
Art therapist

Anne Lacourse
Music therapist

Lyse Lussier
Massage therapist

Véronique Després 
Director of Multidisciplinary Services

Camille Pradier
Social worker

Marion Sasias
Spiritual care practitioner

Éloïse Dalpé
Social worker

Marthe Halvorsen
Therapeutic bath orderly

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Palliative Day Centre

Opening hours

9 am to 4 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


6005 Deacon Road
Montreal QC  H3S 2P4