Update on construction activities

A lot has happened since the groundbreaking ceremony of last October. After preparation of the site in December, construction started in the new year … with some demolition, of course!

EBC Inc., the general contractor for the project, recently finished the majority of the demolition of the interior of the church. Demolition of the sanctuary’s cement slab and basement flooring will begin in the coming days. The most noticeable change, of course, is the demolition (read disappearance) of the rectory, which was completed safely this past May after substantial asbestos decontamination work.

In its place there will be a large atrium forming the main entrance to the home and day centre, a visitors’ reception area and a more spacious garden.

EBC is currently finalizing preparation for various works, such as insulation, mechanics, plumbing, electricity, structures, and finishing.

While there are always a few surprises when retrofitting very old buildings, construction is expected to be completed by late 2018 – early 2019.

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