That’s how the light gets in

2020 Annual Report

At the end of life, as in a year marked by a global pandemic, light remains a faithful guide and a rich source of hope. Instead of thinking of death as a deep chasm, a great darkness or the end of all things, I have always preferred to draw inspiration from St. Raphael’s guiding mission.

St. Raphael’s proudly moved through its first year of operations marked by a terrible pandemic. However, it is with pride, resilience and determination that the current team maintained a high level of quality and operations. We could not have achieved this without the help of generous volunteers and donors who made this wonderful dream possible.

This ordeal, which we hope is ending soon, and the experience gained, give us a window to a bright future for an organization as essential as ours!

It is in this context that I invite you to read our 2020 Annual Report, which illustrates the achievements of our first full year of operation. It highlights the challenges, but also the solutions we have implemented in this special year. It also celebrates all the successes and impact indicators that demonstrate the importance of St. Raphael’s mission and contribution for people living with life-limiting illnesses, their caregivers and the bereaved.

– Sylvain Girard, President of the Board of Directors

To read the 2020 Annual Report, click here.

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