Telemedic donates its SOFI software to St. Raphael’s

Telemedic is proud to announce that it is donating its SOFI healthcare management software to St. Raphael’s.

St. Raphael’s takes a holistic approach to palliative care while also supporting the informational and emotional needs of those closest to patients. This approach is based on creating a circle of care provided by an interdisciplinary team. “Synergy among the healthcare team is crucial to provide the appropriate care for patients and their loved ones, and to their wellbeing. That’s why we wanted a computerized platform to optimize the services offered to patients and guests of our establishment,” said Rosemary O’Grady, Executive Director of St. Raphael’s.

SOFI’s care management and patient record software is a perfect fit for St. Raphael’s needs. This innovative platform is an indispensable aid to simplify the day-to-day work of the healthcare team. SOFI not only contributes to the provision of quality care and services and to the optimization of processes, but also fosters interdisciplinarity and information exchange by allowing all healthcare providers to access relevant information at any time, while respecting ethical frameworks. “We are delighted to contribute to St. Raphael’s mission and to support palliative care through our SOFI software. Palliative care is a cause particularly close to my heart, since, like most people, I have experienced the loss of loved ones who were very dear to me,” said Robert Coutu, Director of Business Strategy at Telemedic.

The use of SOFI will allow the healthcare team to be more efficient, to spend more time with patients and their loved ones and to ensure them the support they need for an end-of-life imbued with compassion, respect and humanity.

 About SOFI

SOFI is a Telemedic software that facilitates care management in retirement homes, intermediary resources and public and private long-term care facilities. Its innovative approach helps healthcare administrators achieve greater operational efficiency, facilitates care providers’ work by allowing them to monitor and trace their interventions at any time and allows residents to enjoy the best possible living environment and services.

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