Rosemary O’Grady, St. Raphael’s new Executive Director

“For me, being a part of something this important from the outset and having the chance to shape the delivery of care at St. Raphael’s is the career opportunity of a lifetime.”– Rosemary O’Grady

We are very proud to announce the appointment of Ms. Rosemary O’Grady as St. Raphael’s new Executive Director.

Rosemary began her career 31 years ago as a staff nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital, where she worked in direct care with patients and families for ten years and then moved on to hold a variety of leadership positions, including as Assistant Nurse Manager, Nurse Educator, and acting Nurse Manager at the RVH Surgical 9 West and Cedars Breast Centre. In 2004, Rosemary moved to the Montreal General Hospital as Nurse Manager 18th Floor General Surgery, ENT, and Gynaecology.

But it was when she subsequently joined the MUHC Cancer Care Mission as Nurse Manager for the Oncology/Haematology and Palliative Care Inpatient Units that Rosemary discovered a love and passion for palliative care that has grown ever since. Between 2006 and 2016, Rosemary worked to develop the programs and services in Supportive and Palliative Care, and in 2015, she was instrumental in transitioning the team to the new Glen site. Most recently, Rosemary has been working as Executive Director at NOVA Montreal, a non-profit community organization delivering palliative home care and respite services to caregivers.

Welcome to the St. Raphael’s family, Rosemary!