In 2022–2023, St. Raphael’s underwent another major growth phase. It was this year that we truly saw the organization flourish, with impressive results in terms of the accessibility of our services, quality of care, recognition, and commitment to our cause. We can also see more clearly where we’re headed, which is extremely encouraging! As a team, we thought carefully about the stage we’re at in the organization’s life cycle. What sprang to mind was adolescence.

“Adolescence” comes from the Latin adolescere, meaning “one who is growing up.”

St. Raphael’s is still evolving, establishing its core identity, coming into its own and laying out a clear path for its future. In 2022–2023, the organization has finally been making its work more visible, and has gained greater recognition in the process. It has been dedicated and committed. It has been sensitive to its environment and has expanded its circle of collaborators. It has adapted to the many changes and learned at an incredible speed. Between childhood and adulthood, St. Raphael’s continues to benefit from the guidance it receives, but its achievements and development are certainly things to be proud of.

Without doubt, it’s thanks to the support and loyalty of the St. Raphael’s community that we’ve seen such healthy development over the past few years. We are incredibly fortunate to count on sincere support, constructive advice and the freedom to explore in complete safety. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your invaluable contribution to the mission of our magnificent care home.

– Marco Ottoni, President of the Board in 2022-2023 and Olivia Lévêque, Executive Director.

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