Montréal, November 17, 2020 – One of only two palliative care homes on the island of Montréal, St. Raphael’s is launching a multidisciplinary care and services offer for its Day Centre that is adapted to the new reality of the pandemic. This new offer will allow the Day Centre to continue to meet the needs of both loved ones and people with an incurable disease that affects their life expectancy. To celebrate its first anniversary, St. Raphael’s inaugurated a special place for meditation and prayer today. Inviting families, loved ones and staff members, it is located on St. Raphael’s grounds, near Lajoie Street in Outremont. 

Red zone 

“Aware of the impact the pandemic has on the most vulnerable clienteles, we have added services at the Day Centre to help break the social isolation people with incurable illnesses feel and also to give their caregivers a welcome respite. Since Greater Montréal has become a red zone, outings and social activities are limited. Whether you are a person with an incurable disease or a caregiver, it is important to be able to find the peace, comfort and care you need, but in a safe place,” said Olivia Lévêque, the executive director of St. Raphael’s. 

In addition to the palliative care offered on the second floor, the multidisciplinary team at St. Raphael’s is expanding the activities in its Day Centre, located on the ground floor. The team therefore has dedicated days to the needs of different clienteles, offering massage, music and art therapy, support groups, virtual reality activities, acupuncture, and other services. At a time when the healthcare system is under pressure, the Day Centre’s services are more relevant than ever, as they help alleviate the undesirable effects of treatment, overcome social isolation and increase the well-being of those going through difficult times. 

Unique in Montréal, St. Raphael’s Day Centre is open from Monday to Friday. An experienced multidisciplinary team helps guests and their loved ones live fully, despite the limits of disease, all the whole complying with the new public health guidelines. All care and services remain entirely free of charge. 

Despite the pandemic, patients can live out their last moments on St. Raphael’s palliative care floor surrounded by their family members and loved ones. Measures have been put in place to limit the risks of contagion and protect the health of patients, staff members and visitors. Care is provided by a specially trained medical team of doctors, nurses, aides and volunteers. 

Place of meditation and prayer 

“A loved one’s passing confronts the bereaved with a heart-wrenching reality,” Ms. Lévêque continued. “It reminds us of the importance of ritual, whatever our religious beliefs. This is why we created a special space for meditation and prayer next to a majestic, hundred-year-old pine tree on St. Raphael’s grounds. Families, loved ones and staff members are invited to leave personalized messages there. A permanent commemorative plaque in memory of those who have passed away at St. Raphael’ will soon be installed.” 

About St. Raphael’s 

Located at 6005 Deacon Road, St. Raphael’s is a community non-profits that carries out its vocation by offering a 12-bed palliative care home and a day centre with multidisciplinary services—the first on the island of Montréal. Since November 2019, our professional and devoted care teams provide free, high-quality palliative and wellness care in one of Montréal’s most populated areas to people living with an incurable disease. With respect and compassion, we welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of their social condition, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religious beliefs.  

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