« Since the death of my cousin, whom I supported until her last breath, the therapists at the Day Centre have given me the precious gift of well-being. » – Christale, caregiver

Dear friends at St. Raphael’s,

I hope you are doing as well as can be expected, and that, like me, you are dreaming of a peaceful summer with your loved ones. With more and more of the public now vaccinated, there is hope on the horizon. At St. Raphael’s, we follow public health protocols to the letter. In the care unit, people at the end of life can safely receive visits from their loved ones until the very end. Each week, the multidisciplinary team at the Day Centre welcomes more people living with an incurable disease, as well as offering support for their loved ones and the bereaved. Individual and group therapy, music therapy, art therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, zootherapy, thematic discussions and support groups are some of the many services offered free of charge. Guided by our values of respect, openness, generosity, well-being, and innovation, our staff members and volunteers are dedicated to providing care and services centred on dignity.

Today, I want to share Christale’s story with you. Christale is a caregiver who recently experienced a bereavement. She visits the Day Centre to receive care as part of the bereavement services offered by the Centre.

“When my cousin Caroline arrived at St. Raphael’s, this 39-year-old mother felt that she would live out her end of life in peace thanks to the caring team there. When she left us, I needed help to overcome my grief. The support I have received from St. Raphael’s includes a unique treatment combining massage and music therapy. Julie and Anne work together to gently weave a comforting, cocoon-like experience. It is incredibly soothing. These combined treatments are really effective, and I come out feeling much calmer. With these therapists, 1 + 1 = 3.”

– Christale, caregiver


“When we work together in music therapy and massage therapy, we can create a space imbued with gentleness, relaxation and respect. Often, it will result in a drop in the level of stress associated with a recent loss of autonomy or the death of a loved one. It is the well-being felt by the person that generates relief from physical and emotional suffering in this difficult stage of life.”

– Anne and Julie, therapists

The positive impact of this joint practice is based on shared professional and personal values. The desire to offer compassionate support allows the therapists to remain grounded in the present, with a focus on well-being and dignity. Julie and Anne allow themselves to be guided by the strength of each individual they support.

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On behalf of St. Raphael’s patients and their loved ones, as well as our volunteers and the staff, I wish you a wonderful summer 2021.

Olivia Lévêque
Executive Director

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