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Both the palliative care home and the day centre rely on the extensive participation of dedicated volunteers to provide the highest quality care services for our patients and guests and their loved ones. We are always seeking volunteers who share our values and who wish to support our mission.

“Most of the experiences were emotional and at the same time, we felt we could relieve the pain of the patients’ families through a friendly gesture or an understanding ear. To feel a family comforted and less anxious at the thought of their loved one finishing their days at St. Raphael’s made me truly proud to be part of a truly exceptional and dedicated team.”

Thérèse, volunteer

The advantages of volunteering at Maison St-Raphaël

  • Be part of an intergenerational community driven by a deep desire to help others and create meaningful connections.
  • Benefit from interactive training sessions offered by professionals in the health and social services field.
  • Learn your role at your own pace, with the support of other volunteers and the multidisciplinary team in place.
  • Bring your expertise and contribute to the realization of an important mission: to offer a humane and dignified end-of-life. experience to the sick, their loved ones and the bereaved.
  • Get your first experience with people living with an incurable disease in a warm, empathetic and collaborative environment.
In 2022, Maison St-Raphaël received the Hommage bénévolat-Québec award in the “organization” category, which recognizes non-profit organizations that have adopted good practices to manage and support volunteers.

Contribute in many ways:

  • By welcoming our visitors
  • By helping the kitchen crew to prepare meals
  • By helping the care team
  • By offering your support and attention to patients and their loved ones who wish to share their experience
  • By providing hairdressing, manicure or pedicure services

Please fill out the following form and send it to us either by e-mail or by regular mail.

For any question concerning volunteering, please contact Caty Blanchette, the Volunteer Program Coordinator:
T: 514-736-2001


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Maison St-Raphaël is a grassroots charitable organization two-thirds of whose funding comes from private donations by companies and individuals who, like you, care about providing those living with an incurable illness an end-of-life filled with compassion and dignity.