St. Raphael’s is a non-profit charitable organization that was created to build and operate a palliative care home and day centre that will offer free, high-quality palliative care in one of the most densely populated areas of Montreal.

The goal is to offer them an end-of-life imbued with compassion, respect and humanity - St Raphael's

About palliative care

Beyond medical care, terminally-ill patients need a warm environment where they can pass away with dignity, surrounded by their loved ones and caregivers. It is with this in mind that today medical services are being provided by a multidisciplinary team committed to easing the end-of-life transition, through palliative care.

The palliative care approach is based on accepting death as a natural part of life. Instead of focusing on finding a cure at all costs or resigning oneself to suffering, palliative care aims to relieve physical and psychological pain and to enhance the quality of life for terminally-ill patients.

What’s more, as soon as a palliative approach is initiated, the wishes and desires of the dying person are taken into account, as are the needs and roles of the family, friends and caregivers who accompany the terminally-ill person.

Palliative care, a critical and growing need

The available resources in palliative care for terminally-ill Montrealers are inadequate in particular due to our aging population.

Maison St-Raphaël est située à Montréal

The number of hospital beds in palliative care is limited, and St. Raphael’s will meet a growing and ever more urgent need.

St. Raphael’s is located in a densely populated community of more than 362,000 people, encompassing six towns and five boroughs where there are no dedicated palliative care facilities.

le cancer et les troubles cardiovasculaires ou respiratoires touchent trois personnes sur quatre

By 2030, 25% of Montrealers will be 65 or over.

Chronic illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular or respiratory problems affect three out of four people over the age of 75. These are also the main causes of death.