Because at the end of life, life still comes first.

A palliative care home and day centre offering free, high-quality palliative care services.

St. Raphael’s is a non-profit community organization that carries out its vocation by offering a 12-bed palliative care home and a day centre with multidisciplinary professional care and services—the first on the island of Montréal. We provide free, high-quality palliative and wellness care in one of Montréal’s most populated areas to people living with an incurable disease. With respect and compassion, we welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of their social condition, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religious beliefs.

Home: For patients and their families

Providing exceptional end-of-life care attuned to the whole person

St. Raphael’s takes a holistic approach to care encompassing the physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual well-being of each patient and their loved ones.

Day Centre: For guests and their caregivers

Improving the quality of life of our guests and providing much needed support to caregivers

St. Raphael’s day centre offers a warm and inviting space for people with a life-limiting illness to come together, share their experience and find comfort.

Contribute to our mission

Help us improve the quality of life of people at the end of life


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A community project
in memory of Father Gerry

Père Gerry

A man of great faith, Father Gerry dedicated his life to taking care of others and encouraged each of us to do the same. We are extremely proud and happy to be working towards the realization of his dream, which has become the project of an entire community.